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ThermalTek - Anti-Condensation Paint

ThermalTek - Anti-Condensation Paint

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It’s a common problem for many but condensation and the associated mould growth can cause all kinds of issues for property owners and building occupants, including material decay, damp or musty odours and the possible exacerbation of health issues.

ThermalTek Anti-Condensation Paint is a thermally insulating and water repelling paint that incorporates Microsphere Technology to help reduce condensation and mould growth on interior walls. The paint is simply applied to clean and debris-free surfaces using a standard paintbrush or roller, as you would a normal emulsion paint. 

Microsphere Technology
ThermalTek Anti-Condensation Paint contains glass microspheres. These small engineered glass bubbles within ThermalTek create stable voids within the paint which means it has lower thermal conductivity and higher infra-red reflectivity compared to a standard trade emulsion.

Think of the Microspheres as acting like a miniature ‘Thermos Flask’. Reflecting thermal energy away from the wall and preventing the water from condensing. As a result mould growth is inhibited.

Triple Action Against Condensation

Testing has shown that ThermalTek Anti-Condensation Paint increases time-to-condensation by 2 to 3 times when compared with the surfaces painted with a standard trade emulsion paint. This means that walls can withstand longer periods of high-humidity without forming surface condensation and creating the conditions for mould growth.

ThermalTek Anti-Condensation Paint achieves this performance through a 3-in-1 mechanism:

1) Moisture Buffering

The open-pore structure of ThermalTek means moisture does not easily form on decorative surfaces 

2) Preservative Surface Effect

The preservatives contained within the paint discourage the growth of mould

3) Thermal Effect

The Microsphere Technology gives ThermalTek a thermal effect that causes the painted surface to be warmer to the touch

Typical Uses

  • Bathrooms
  • Utility Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Lintels over windows and doors which produce cold spots
  • Cold Walls & Ceilings
  • Industrial applications

 Advantages of ThermalTek

  • Reduces the risk of condensation
  • Easily applied by brush or roller
  • It can take upto 3 times as long for condensation to occur
  • Increases the life of your chosen paint or wallpaper finish
  • Prevents formation of black mould and other harmful fungi
  • Warm air is reflected back into the room increasing overall temperature
  • Can be overpainted or wallpapered over with any finish, without reducing the effectiveness

Available in a 5 Litre tub. (Price includes VAT and delivery)

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