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Basement Pump Servicing

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The Basement Sump and Pump Co

Keep your basement healthy with an annual basement “Clean & Check”  pump service - national coverage!

The Basement Sump and Pump Co. are a specialist division of Timberwise who are, as the name suggests, leading specialists in servicing basement pumps.That’s all they do, day in and day out! All requests for basement pump servicing will be fulfilled by the team at the Basement Sump and Pump Co.

Arranging a pump service.

Arranging for the Basement Sump and Pump Co to service your basement pump couldn't be easier. Simply choose from the options above to find the right service package for you and then place and pay for your service using our secure shop facility. Don't forget to include a phone number when you check out so we can call you to fix up a convenient date.

Servicing Basement Pumps since 2005Think of your basement pump in the same way as you would the engine of a car. To keep a car in good running order it requires regular servicing. And so does your basement sump pump unit. Having your pump cleaned and checked is by far more convenient though. You do not need to travel as a technician comes to your home, causing you minimum disruption. To remain effective your pump needs to be inspected and cleaned regularly – in most cases only once a year.

Our comprehensive pump service covers the following: 

  • Take pre work photos of the pump chamber and inspection ports
  • Check and test the pump operation and running sequence
  • Grade cleanliness of pump chamber (1 clean - 10 very dirty)
  • Removal of the Pump unit from the Sump
  • Clean out the Sump chamber (Remove Lime Shingle etc).
  • Wash thoroughly and vacuum the Sump chamber.
  • Check electrical reading of pump 
  • Check electrical reading of battery (where fitted)
  • Descale the Sump Chamber and Pump
  • Clean the Pump unit (bleed holes, impeller and non return valve)
  • Check the water outlet for blockages.
  • Check the back-up system. (Where fitted)
  • Grade cleanliness of perimeter drainage
  • Check the perimeter drainage and flush and check• Replacing parts as necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the system. (Some parts may be chargeable)
  • Take post work photos of pump chamber and inspection ports
  • Final checks to pumps and power isolator
  • Access cover / lid sealed and secure 
  • System checked, tested and left in operation