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Airtech Mould Control Pack

Airtech Mould Control Pack

  • £54.95

This excellent value Airtech Mould Control Pack has everything you need to successfully treat a mould problem in your home.

What's in the pack?

The Airtech Mould Control Pack contains:

1 x 500ml Radolite Concentrate - A sterilising prewash concentrate

2 x 50gm pots of Mould Eradication Additive for stirring into emulsion paint or wallpaper paste.

1 x Gloves and goggles for hand / eye protection.

1 x Paintbrush and sponge for application / cleaning down of affected areas.

The wash and additive are easy and safe to use and will provide effective protection against mould growth. 

Condensation Mould Control Pack features and benefits

Effective against all types of mould
Protects upto 40 sq metres of walls / ceilings from condensation mould
Cost effective
DIY – easy to use

How does the Condensation Mould Control Pack work?

Our Condensation Mould Control Pack is simple to use – so much so that you can even apply the treatment yourself!

All our Condensation Mould Control Packs come with simple ‘step by step instructions and contain everything you need to eradicate condensation mould problems from your property. The contents include a pair of gloves, safety goggles and comes packed away in a mixing bucket.

Trust Timberwise to help eradicate your condensation problems with our innovative condensation mould control packs.

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