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Radon Testing Kits

Radon Testing Kits

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Radon Test Kits – Find out if your property has high levels of Radon Gas

Discovered in the late 19th century, radon is a naturally occurring odourless, colourless and radioactive gas that can be found across not only the UK, but worldwide.
The Health Issues of Radon Gas

Statistics show that in the UK alone more deaths are attributed to cancer caused by radon gas inhalation than to asthma. Each year in the UK approximately 2000 people die from lung cancer that is directly associated with exposure to radon gas in their own homes. Only smoking causes more lung cancer related deaths in the UK.

Testing for Radon Gas

As radon is invisible and odourless the only way to find out if a property has significantly high levels of radon is through performing thorough diagnostics over a 3 month period – this then allows for fluctuations according to seasonal temperatures. Passive radon detectors are placed within the main living and sleeping areas of the property. These detectors are then sent for laboratory analysis to obtain a yearly average Becquerel level. Remedial action is then dependent on the accurate results obtained. The current action level is 200 Becquerels per cubic meter.

Radon Gas Testing Kits

propertECO - The Radon Specialists

PropertECO are a specialist team who are experts in the testing and mitigation of radon gas. All orders for passive radon gas testing kits will be fulfilled by the propertECO team.

 Each radon gas test kit contains the following:

  • 2 radon gas detectors in sealed packaging
  • Easy to follow instructions for how the Radon Gas Test works
  • Our prices include analysis of the detectors and reports

Our radon detectors are analysed at an independent, third-party laboratory that is validated by Public Health England. Results reports are usually emailed within 10 working days of receipt of detectors, but can often be available sooner than this.

We offer either a 3 month radon test kit or a 10 day radon screening test kit

What's the difference between the 2 types of test kit? 

A 10 day radon screening kit will provide a very good indication of the level of radon gas within a property. This type of test is usually used where there is a need for results in a short time frame - for example as part of the home buying process. A 3 month radon test kit will provide a more accurate reading of the radon within the property as it will also take into account some seasonal variance as well.

If it found that you have high concentrations of radon gas in your property Timberwise are able to offer a range of radon gas solutions to help lower the levels of radon gas. To learn more click here to see our radon gas solutions.

PLEASE NOTE: Radon test kits should be used as soon as purchased and not stored for long periods of time prior to use as this may have an effect on the final test results.

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